Reliquary Game Studios

The Books Have Begun to Ship!

All Domestic Kickstarter Rewards have left our facility. We just shipped the last of the Deluxe editions this morning after we spent most of last night signing them. All domestic books are being shipped via Media Mail with tracking, so they should arrive within about a week. Delays are always possible in shipping, but if you have not received your book by the second week of August, please contact us immediately and we’ll sort it out.

Foreign Kickstarter reward fulfillment is a bit more complicated, but is well under way. We are working hard to get these books and cards to you as quickly as possible, but the intricacies of oversees shipping will take slightly longer to navigate. We’ll update again as things fall into place.

We are so excited to get these books into your hands! Please let us know what you think on our Facebook Page or in the forums on our website, Your comments will help us keep the gears turning and produce supplements and expansions that you want to see.

The World Turns,

Zeke, Than, & Brent