Reliquary Game Studios

Clockwork: Dominion at GenCon


As we lift our heads from our daily work on drafts of the core book, we look ahead with excitement to GenCon, and the chance to run games of Clockwork: Dominion for friends both new and old. As we prepare, we want to be sure that all of you have the chance to pre-register for a spot in our games, as we still have seats open across all four days, Thursday through Sunday, August 14-17. You can check out a full event listing and sign up for games on the GenCon website.

We’re running three different scenarios, and will provide everything you need to play for brand new players and veterans of last year alike:

Idle Hands The fall of 1896 finds the citizens of Edinburgh, Scotland ill at ease. A string of missing bodies has stirred up reminders of the city’s history of murder, witchcraft, and grave-robbing. The city’s small police force is under increasing pressure to catch whoever is responsible, but there’s been no break in the case – until tonight. Play as one of Edinburgh’s finest or other exceptional citizens as they confront an unexpected menace. A great introduction to a Victorian World of Gothic Horror that encourages narrative play, offers robust social and physical conflict systems, and a fluid initiative system that lets you jump into the action at any time. Come experience the Clockwork!

Incident Aboard the Egret The Egret is a modern aeronautic marvel, racing across the Atlantic from Europe to Brazil in less than three days. She’s sleek, elegant, and flying on her is a story worth telling. You’ve been eagerly awaiting the trip, but not for any of those reasons. You have more personal and more pressing matters to attend to. Every character on board the Egret has their own goals to accomplish on the flight, and their own consequences if they fail. When confronted with a fateful incident, can you come together and triumph, or will your differences tear you apart? This adventure takes full advantage of the unique mechanics for both social and physical conflict in a Victorian World of Gothic Horror.

Power The brilliant Nikola Tesla has devised plans for a machine that could broadcast power freely – possibly throughout the world. Thus, the British Royal Society has funded an expedition to the Arctic, where Tesla hopes to harness the unique properties of the pole to test his theories. Play as the inventors, alchemists, sailors, and socialites that are accompanying Mr. Tesla on the expedition – but the northern lights are not the only things that await you there. Explore the wonders of technology and alchemy in this brand new scenario of Victorian World of Gothic Horror. This is a great opportunity to check out the unique, story-focused mechanics and fluid conflict system with the game’s creators before the general release.

We’ll also be offering everyone who plays at GenCon a chance to win a special prize, so register now while seats are still open, and we’ll see you in Indianapolis!

All the Best,

Zeke & Than