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See what people are saying about Clockwork: Dominion!
Older reviews will use the game’s previous name “Clockwork: Empire,” which had to changed due to copyright concerns.

2 GM’s 1 Mic (Audio)

[August 2016 – Clockwork: Dominion review begins at 42:40]

“Honestly, I know my review probably sounded like I was just a blathering idiot but it’s just that good. And there’s that much to it. It’s worth the price of admission. It’s fully color, full art, it’s beautiful and it’s just good. I’m not used to reading exceptionally good things. Everything I read is pretty good, it’s exciting and I want to play it, but this is something that I feel like I need to play”

Interview with Dwarven Tavern (Video)

[August 2015]

Dwarven Tavern stopped by our booth at GenCon 2015 and asked us to talk about the game.

Interview with Knights of the Night (Audio)

[October 2015]

The great guys at Knights of the Night podcast interviewed Zeke (much fun was had) and then played a full story with their group: Incident Aboard the Egret.

Geeks Playing Games News & Review (Text)

[August 2013]

“The card system works so well for both battle and social conflict that I am more than willing to keep my dice comfy in their bag for this game… If it seems as though I am gushing about this game, it is because I am. Personally, I cannot wait until the full version is released in 2014.”

Steampunk Goggles (Text)

[October 2013]

“In Clockwork: [Dominion] most confrontations are goal oriented and require problem solving and social graces. This opens up a whole new world of opportunities for players to really think on their feet, and breaks the monotony of the “roll-stab-repeat” routine of other games.”

Review by Stephen A. Jarjoura

[November 2013]

“My overall impression: it delivered exactly as promised. Specifically the claims that the card mechanic was fast and easy to learn (it was!) and that the unique initiative mechanic was better than just a ’round-robin’ initiative, but that it actually kept all of the players involved in the conflict, and provided fun, tactical decisions to make as the conflict progressed.”


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