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Gen Con is SOLD OUT

All eight play-test games at Gen Con this year have sold out to max capacity. However, we will be having “wait lists.” So if you see a game in the online registration that you want to take part in, send an email to with the specific scenario, time, and date. We’ll put you on the list. We’re...

Clockwork Cards

The Clockwork Roleplaying Game uses cards rather than dice to provide random elements within the game. We found that this allowed us to completely control our bell curve for skill tests, allow for our more dynamic initiative system, and produce random attack effects without cumbersome tables that slow down gameplay. Here is a first glimpse at...

Physical Conflict: Initiative

One of the design goals for the Clockwork physical conflict system was to allow for simply organized combats where characters were always on the edge of their seat, never knowing who would act next. We wanted players to be constantly engaged with the fight rather than simply waiting for their turns to act. Creating a fair and balanced initiative...

Quick Start Rules Cover Art

Here is a black and white sketch of the cover art that will be used for the Quick Start Rules released in January. It features a female alchemist sitting in her laboratory. The original design was an Art Nouveau take on the Magus tarot card.  The final painting will, of couse, be in full color and be our first piece of cover art for the game.