Reliquary Game Studios

Reliquary Games Studios is Expanding

LisaWhen we nearly sold out of our sizable stock of Core Rulebooks at our GenCon release last year, we realized that the interest in exploring the Clockwork went far beyond the Kickstarter backers who brought the game to life. Although our small team had a lot of passion and enthusiasm for the game, it became clear that the three of us wouldn’t be enough to handle the new development and business needs of our fledgeling company while still working on the creative end of this endeavor. We needed to grow. Thus, we welcome the newest member of Reliquary Game Studios: Lisa.

You may remember Lisa as the medical history consultant who gave the linch pin argument for keeping Beastfolk as part of the Clockwork when much of the design team though that they were too fantastical to remain in the game. A painting of her appears in the Core Rulebook to commemorate her as the “mother of beastfolk.” Well, it turns out that in addition to a ton of ranks in Medicine, she also is one heck of an editor and developer. Thus, she’s taken on a lot of the work involved in putting books together and is now an official member of Reliquary Game Studios.

Her work has allowed us to take a few large steps forward as a company. This week we finalized the long process of working out a deal with a new printing partner. The Clockwork: Dominion Core Rulebook is now going into a second printing (our very first offset printing), and by this summer 1000 beautiful new core books, and 1000 decks of cards (in their awesome new tuck-box) will be making their way to us. This major step allows us not only to guarantee that we can keep the book available for new players, but it also opens the door for wider distribution and new opportunities to get Clockwork: Dominion into brick and mortar stores. This is a great day, and helps set up a long future for the game.