Reliquary Game Studios

Update for Book Layout

We’ve been quiet the last few weeks as we’ve been very busy working with Adam Jury on the initial layout of the book. Our efforts are paying off, and last week we got the first pass layout version of the entire core book! After all the time and effort that’s gone into getting it this far, seeing the whole book–even as a rough cut–in a single document was an exciting moment, and well worth an update. So here’s where we’re at:

Core Book Status 5.10.15Core Book Status 5.10.15

We still need to work on cleaning up pagination, making a few tweaks on art placement, and the like before we get final pagination and indexing complete, but this is a major milestone that shows we’re on track to have everything complete and ready to go to print in June.

Here are some sample pages from the book so you can get a sense of how things will look:

 We hope you are as excited as we are!

Zeke & Than