Reliquary Game Studios

The Island of Dr. MacGuffin (April Update)


We have just commissioned writing and artwork for the new adventure The Island of Dr. MacGuffin. The plot will revolve around a brilliant mad scientist (Dr. MacGuffin) and his life’s work of genetically and prosthetically enhancing penguins. Players will find themselves shipwrecked near his lab on the continent of Antarctica, and face off against the cute but deadly Steampunguins, who do the doctor’s bidding.

Can the players escape the deft flippers of the Steampunguins?

Will Dr. MacGuffin’s aquatic minions waddle their way to world domination?

Buy a copy of The Island of Dr. MacGuffin and find out for yourself. As a special sneak preview, here are just a few of the deadly antagonists that await any foolhardy enough to brave their icy fastness:

The Steampunguin Grunts are the early experiments of Dr. MacGuffin. Although they lack the versatility of his later creations they’re a serious threat in large numbers.

Supporting the ground troops Steampunguin Flyers can harry the field of battle, dropping bombs from above, or diving at foes with their vicious beaks.

An ominous figure looming behind the massed ranks of lesser steampunguins, The Emperor may pose too great of a challenge for even the bravest challengers…


(Artwork courtesy of Deviant Artist Pan77155, and used under the guidelines of Creative Commons).