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Artwork Update #1

If you haven’t heard from us in a while, it’s because we’ve been working behind the scenes. The last 90 days saw two conventions, and a slew of nearly completed artwork. The final versions of the art wont be available until we release the Core Book, but we thought we’d give you a bit of a taste of what’s been happening. The final versions of these paintings will be in full color, but for now, let’s whet your appetite.

ChangelingFirst a rough sketch of the Changeling bloodline from Helen Mask.



Nemphilim-inked (1)




Another sketch from Helen Mask, this time of the Nephilim bloodline. In the completed draft, the two figures will be manifested in different ways. The upper figure is orderly, while the lower figure is disorderly.

The Broken Road Sketch A landscape sketch by Michelle Mullen. She is the artist that did the artwork for the Clockwork Cards. When completed, this piece will depict “The Broken Road,” a path that winds through the Outer Reaches of creation beyond man’s domain.

butler2The draft of a chapter splash draft by Ameen Naksewee. Ameen is the artist who painted the cover of the QSR and the beastfolk mechanic from the Kickstarter. His recent submissions have been even more amazing. Here he shows the “almost there” technology of automatons and the resentment felt toward them by the working class.







We’ll post more later. For now, we hope this gets you geared up for your imminent immersion into the Clockwork.


Zeke & Than