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Kickstarter final day!

Thank you! With you’re support we’ve blown past many major stretch goals and are we producing the 300+, full-color hardback core book, a kickstarter-exclusive design card deck, a new adventure, and 3 small supplements each exploring a different area of the setting and player options. All of that additional content is being added – for free! – to all backers of $20 and above. Right now we still have just over 13 hours left to go in our Kickstarter campaign and there’s more yet to come. As we announced in our last update, our next stretch goal will allow us to provide some additional content and prepare all of the unlocked pdfs as the first printed supplement to Clockwork. If we hit our next stretch goal at $26k, we’ll present all our Imperial Emigre backers and above with an opportunity to buy the [i]Cabinet of Curiosities[/i] at a discounted price before general release. All our stretch goals beyond $26k will go towards helping us add more Clockwork minis to our collaboration with Proxy Army.

We’re particularly excited to be working with Proxy Army (who just launched their own Kickstarter because working with them allows us an opportunity to design and develop miniatures for the unique aesthetic of Clockwork and make them available to all our players in high quality and at a great price. We’ll have a larger development post about our work with Proxy Army soon, but wanted to make sure you knew there’s so much more exciting Clockwork goodness coming up.

Thanks again to all our backers for their support, we can’t wait to share the game with you.

All the Best,
Zeke & Than

Clockwork: Empire Roleplaying Game -- Kicktraq Mini