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Kickstarter Update #9, News and Events

We’ve just posted a big update on our Kickstarter campaign covering a number of events. Go to the cmapign page to read it in full, but here are the highlights:

Zeke & Than will both be participating in an Q&A chat this Tuesday at 7 PM EST. The chat is part of a regular series of designer and publisher Q&As and we’ll be covering anything and everything, so if you have questions for the designers and writers, want to know more about the setting, or see if you can catch a new tidbit about the rules and systems that will be covered in the core book, you can join the chat for free and without creating any accounts simply by hopping on the chat client tomorrow 10/29 at 7PM.

Than will be running demos and full intro sessions at The Temple Games at 167 Columbus Ave, Pawtucket, RI 02860 this Saturday from noon onwards. Come by to check out a game, ask questions, and hear more about the game.

We’re thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented Helen Mask is officially joining the roster of artists for the core book. We fell in love with her work and are already looking forward to her contributions to the book: you should drop what you’re doing and check out her gallery.

Since we’re less than $1000 from our next stretch goal – Steel & Steam – we thought it only fitting to share a glimpse of the item creation rules and talk about the many options they afford players in the game.

Keep an eye out, as we’ve got a good head of steam going into the final two weeks of the campaign, and lots more excitement to come.

Ever onwards,

Zeke & Than