Reliquary Game Studios

Kickstarter campaign is now live!

With pride and excitement, we are happy to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the Clockwork: Empire core book is now live!

After years of effort working through the basic design and playtesting of the mechanics and system, we’re ready to make the move to print so we can share the Clockwork with everyone! We’re already more than halfway through the final text of the core book, and have already begun working with fantastic artists to get beautiful full-color artwork to include in the final, hardback core rulebook. With your help and support we can get the rest of the art we want to make this book as gorgeous as we know it should be and get it into print and out to all of you.

We’ve already had a great response from our conventions throughout 2013, and the approximately 2000 people who have already downloaded and enjoyed the Quick-Start Rules and Idle Hands. We invite you to help us keep the momentum rolling. Backers have options to get not only the core book and a special limited-edition deck of card, they can also enjoy some unique and exciting rewards that run the gamut from inclusion in the core book to an entire victorian weekend complete with period activities and amazing food at a beautiful inn in Vermont. We also have some fantastic stretch goals already planned that will immediately give you more ways to explore the setting as soon as it comes out.

We also want to thank our backers with access to the final pre-print beta testing. Supporting us now will give you a chance to check out the rules for character creation, item creation, magic, glamours, faith charisms, and alchemy, and select settings previews once the Kickstarter ends, and we’ll listen to your feedback on the forums as we work through final pre-publication edits. We really can’t wait to share the world with you.

Keep an eye out for lots more news, updates, and interviews in the coming weeks.

With Excitement,

Zeke & Than