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Clockwork Cards… hot off the press!


One of the players in a game at TempleCon said, “I really thought I wasn’t going to like the card mechanic. I love my dice and I thought the cards were going to take away my control and make me feel like my fate was sitting on the top of the deck waiting for me to draw it. That wasn’t my experience at all! The cards really worked! The way special damage is resolved by flipping multiple cards and then picking one, the way attacks could cause random conditions and didn’t require tables to do so, the way the card-based initiative system allowed conflict to flow non-linearly … it all flowed seamlessly. The system ended up giving me much more control rather than less. I loved it.”  We hope you love it too!

What we love is the quality of these cards produced by DriveThru! They really exceeded expectations. The stock and lamination is better than most of the card games we’ve seen, and a bit more like a high-quality poker deck. They will be available from DriveThru’s website soon and will come with a free copy of the Quick-Start Rules.

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