Reliquary Game Studios

A Letter from Valdis

November 6, 1896
Westminster Abbey
20 Deans Yard

My friend,

  In the beginning there were only the waters of chaos. It was an endless and formless primordial void that we have since named the Pontus. This was the scene upon which the Clockmaker first stepped to utter the words, “Let there be…”  Thus creation was made. It is so splendid a work of order that many have forgotten that it was from out of the void that it was called into being.  The cogs and gears of the Clockwork were made from the Pontus, but they did not remain as such.  Whether it is because of human action or natural decay, the elements of this world are breaking back down into the chaos from which they were made. Physical and natural laws such as life, death, and even gravity cease to hold meaning when the Pontus rises. To all who are willing to observe it, it is obvious that the Clockwork is being dismantled, and the question we are left with is, “Why?”

  The ability to answer this question may be all that stands between us and oblivion. While some ignore the problem, seeking their own pleasures, and others speed the decay through violence or intrigue, there are those of us who investigate the Clockwork, trying to determine the nature of its unraveling. If there is any hope left for humanity, it lies in stabilizing this crumbling Clockwork World; and if that is ever to happen, it will be through our efforts. If we fail, the Pontus will devour us all.

Join us.

With meet gravity of thought and intention,